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BMW M3 DTM Meets its Daddy

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Eighteen years separated BMW's most recent titles in DTM. The two champions close the gap and swap cars at Hockenheim.

Last year, BMW returned to the DTM touring car series after an eighteen-year absence. And it surely found a lot had changed in nearly two decades. That point was evidently not lost on the Bavarian automaker as it beat out the incumbents from Audi and Mercedes-Benz in its first year back in the popular German touring car series. To highlight just how much has changed, BMW Motorsport put its most recent champion Bruno Spengler and its 1989 champion Roberto Ravaglia together, along with the cars with which they won.

Instead of each taking the wheel of the car he had mastered, they swapped rides, taking their liveries with them. It was the first time that Ravaglia had driven a race car in two decades, but while Spengler was in the older car, he wasn't about to take it easy on the old man.

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