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BMW M3 is Proof That Darwin Was Right

It's the car many have clamored for ever since it first debuted back in 1985 and for others, the M3 is the only car they'd ever drive.

First launched back in 1985, the original E30 M3 was an instant classic, an incredible performance machine and, perhaps most of all, the new standard bearer for what a driver’s car ought to be. Through subsequent generations, the engineering wizards at BMW have managed to evolve the M3 to near perfection, each time improving all of the areas that matter most to owners: power, performance and driving feel. It’s even become a luxury car packed with plenty of hi-tech gizmos.

But despite the competition, the M3 has never failed at being both special and awesome. This new video from the guys at Electric Federal follows the evolution of the M3 over the years and how it managed to improve by always being one step ahead from any of its rivals.

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