BMW M3 RS by G-Power

720-horsepower M3 given some added aerodynamics by the German BMW tuning specialist.

A short while back, we reported how by adding a supercharger and increasing the V8's displacement from 4.0 to 4.6 liters, Arseing-based BMW tuner G-Power were able to boost the M3 Coupe's output by 300 horses to a supercar-killing 720 hp. It has now augmented that project, which included a new crankshaft, Mahle pistons, the company's Sporty Drive SK III supercharger, carbon-fiber air box and titanium exhaust with carbon tips, with an "RS" program - an aerodynamic carbon-fiber body kit that aims to lighten the sports car's curb weight.

The kit consists of a new front spoiler, hood, boot lid and large three-piece 4-way adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing. A new front splitter provides additional downforce at the front axle, ditto the rear wing at the back axle, which makes for improved acceleration and lap times.

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