BMW M3 Track Edition

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BMW has been releasing limited editions of the M3 Coupe since 2009. Special editions like the M3 Tiger Edition, Frozen Black M3 or Frozen Grey M3 have launched in the U.S. and have great appeal. BMW has decided to forge ahead and launch another exclusive M3, only this one will be available only in the Netherlands. The M3 will be called the M3 Track Edition and will be painted in matte Frozen Grey.

Set to debut exclusively for the Dutch market in April, there will be only ten of these beauties built. The wheels, kidneys and gills are in black, and carbon-fiber has been employed extensively to improve the aerodynamics of the car. There's no speed cap on this version of the M3 and the top speed runs up to 173 mph. The interior includes Novillo Schwarz upholstery with red accented stitching; meanwhile, performance will see the addition of an M Performance exhaust. The price for the M3 Track Edition is €128,470 ($179,653). Photos courtesy of Autogespot.

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