BMW M3 Wagon Has Been Released Into The Wild

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This is our first look at the sports estate

Ever since BMW announced that it would be bringing a wagon version of the iconic M3 to market, Bimmer fanatics have been frothing at the mouth, eagerly awaiting new details. It didn't take long for renders to start appearing, so we have a pretty good idea of what the new model will look like. When BMW announced that it was building an M3 wagon, it also said that the new model was in the early stages of development. So imagine our surprise this morning when we came across a video from BMW M's Facebook page that showed an early prototype already roaming the streets.


As many of the aforementioned Bimmer fans will be disappointed to note, that large, long-toothed double grille appears here again, along with the rest of the customary M-specific styling cues. These include unique wing mirrors, fender vents behind the front wheel arches, a spoiler on the roof, and an aggressive rear diffuser housing a quad-exit exhaust tip arrangement. We'll have to wait for spy shots and more revealing camouflage to confirm anything else, but there's no doubt that this will be one menacing wagon. Just look at those rear arches! The Audi RS4 is going to have quite a serious rival when this thing arrives in the next year or two.


With a straight-six turbocharged engine from the X3 M under the hood, the M3 wagon will likely develop around 473 horsepower, but there's no word on whether there will be a Competition version of the wagon. If there is, we can expect 503 horses to power the sporty wagon. From our point of view, there's no reason that a Comp version of the most practical M3 ever shouldn't exist, but demand will dictate what BMW decides to do. If there is an M3 Comp wagon in the works, could it be the ultimate one-car garage filler? We definitely think so.


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