Quarter Mile

BMW M4 Convertible Runs 12.25-Sec Quarter-Mile at 117 MPH Fully Stock

A very solid time indeed.

Powered by a 425-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six, we knew the F80 BMW M3 was fast, but watching the hi-po sedan clock the quarter mile in 11.66 seconds at just under 120 mph was mighty impressive. So how does the drop-top variant size up? Well, considering the M4 Convertible is around 250 kg heavier than the new M3, you’d expect it to be slower. Which, of course, it is, but not by that much. Thanks to Drag Times, you can check out this Sakhir Orange BMW M4 Convertible complete the quarter-mile in 12.259 seconds at 117.3 mph.

Using launch control, that’s a nice amount of time ahead of an M4 Cabrio that recently clocked 12.6 seconds without using it. If nothing else, it shows the system works pretty well.

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