BMW M4 CS Debuts In Shanghai With Nurburgring-Stomping 460-HP


If you’ve ever wanted a daily drivable M4 GTS, here’s your chance.

Even a company as well-established as BMW flies blind and risks failure, but then again, to get any form of reward, a little bit of risk is involved right? Essentially that was the mentality when the Bavarian automaker decided to release the hugely expensive M4 GTS, but demand quickly surprised all when each of the 700 units sold out in four weeks. Another go was needed, and as such BMW has chosen the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show to debut the M4 CS, what essentially is a track-bred M4 that's still useful on the streets.

For the sake of argument, ignore the special edition Spanish market-only version M4 CS that has the unfortunate luck of sharing the same name as this new M4 CS. While the name is similar, the performance metrics and aesthetics are slightly different, retaining the look of the teaser images we saw yesterday. New for the M4 CS is a tuned version of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six pushing 460 horsepower and to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. This results in a 0-62 mph rampage of 3.9 seconds while the relatively liberal speed nanny only cuts in at 174 mph. Numbers nerds will note that the M4 CS is up only 35 horsepower over the standard M4 and up 16 horsepower over the M4 Competition Package.

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Price, however, will not see such a slight increase, with the M4 CS starting around $20,000 more than the M4 Competition Package. Buyers will wonder where the rest of the money went given how subdued the styling is. On the exterior, the main differences come from a pronounced front splitter, a new lip spoiler on the trunk, a rear diffuser, and two new paint colors, San Marino Blue metallic and Lime Rock Grey metallic. Notable at the rear are the sequential OLED taillights borrowed from the M4 GTS. Meanwhile the interior sees a healthy mix of leather and Alcantara as well as a CS logo on the dashboard. Included are sports seats and BMW’s host of comfort and convenience goodies such as navigation and automatic climate control.

Helping the M4 CS beat the M4 Competition Package around the Nurburgring by four seconds (and pull 1.4G in the corners) are suspension tweaks, carbon fiber reinforced plastic components such as the roof panel, front splitter, hood, gurney, and even the driveshaft to help cut away at the weight. BMW references a weight savings of 70 pounds on paper although rear world results may vary. Standard tires are a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 wheels, though buyers wanting better road compliance can opt for road going Michelins at no extra cost. Jump on this quickly when sales begin later this year because only 3,000 units of this daily-drivable track-bread M4 are planned over its two-year lifecycle.