BMW M4 CS Vs Porsche 911 GTS: Only In Germany Can A Winner Be Decided


Does the Porsche really have the advantage here?

If you’re really serious about driving and in the market for something that’s several cuts above the rest, there are two vehicles you need to look at: the BMW M4 CS and Porsche 911 GTS. Although the M4 is starting to show its age, the M4 CS suddenly comes along and proves this platform and engine still has lots of life left in it. The Porsche 911 GTS, on the other hand, has the advantage from the get-go. Why? Because it was designed to be a sports car from day one, whereas the M4 CS is a heavily modified 4 Series coupe.

But this is an M car here, and those M engineers know exactly what they’re doing. But do Porsches. Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon figured it was time to take the ultimate German road trip in two of the greatest German-built cars on sale today, the M4 CS and 911 GTS.

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On second thought, these two are perhaps two of the best driver’s cars on sale today, hands down. Expensive? Oh yeah, but both combine literally everything anyone would ever want in a car of this caliber: comfort, luxury, ridiculously sharp handling, and performance. A road trip on the Autobahn, leading to the Nurburgring, and then through the Austrian mountain road (with now safety barriers) was in order. The triple-hit combination of those road tests was able to determine a clear winner.