BMW M4 Fans Are Going To Debate The Hell Out Of This

Like they always do.

Aftermarket performance kits and other items aren’t at all uncommon in BMWs, specifically models from its exclusive M division. On the other hand, BMW M cars, such as the new M4, are already so damn good straight from the factory, so why even bother spending the extra money to make a few improvements here or there? And that is an issue many enthusiasts will debate about until the end of time, or when BMW stops building M cars, whichever comes first. After spending over $65k on an M4, do you think it’d be worth it to invest even more for tuning?

Our favorite Kiwi native, Nick Murray (that crazy dude who pitted his M4 against a Toyota Tacoma in a winter tug-o-war), is now comparing his stock M4 to his friend’s tuned M4. If you owned one, what would you do?

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