BMW M4 Gets Alpina-Inspired Looks From German Tuner

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Those wheels might be a bit much, but they do call to mind BMW's famous in-house tuner.

We knew when the BMW M4 debuted that the car would be a monster when turners got a hold of it. The B58 engine is incredibly tunable, and the S58 that evolved from it is even more impressive. We've seen time and time again that the base M4 can be pushed well past its stock 473 horsepower. Other companies have leaned more into the aggressive looks of the M4. Some, like Hamman, have done both, kinda.

This is a Competition model, which means it has 503 hp as stock. Yet Hamann claims an aftermarket tune got the car to that power level. Weird. Anyway, what you're looking at is basically anything and everything Hamman can do to a BMW. It's a highlights reel of the parts the tuner offers for the M4, from front to back.

Hamman Hamman

For such a visually shouty car, Hamman's changes are relatively slight. Excluding the wheels, which are reminiscent of what BMW-affiliated Alpina tends to offer. The tuner will sell you these 21-inchers, which can either be had in Matte silver or Black. These are a staggered set, measuring 9 inches wide up front and 11 inches out back.

Wheels aside, the rest of Hamman's changes focus on accentuating what's already on the M4. That means a big, color-matched front lip under the massive grille and a roof spoiler sat just behind the carbon roof. Strangely, there's no rear decklid spoiler of any sort, though you'd think a car like this would have one.

Hamman Hamman

If you've been wondering if it's the massive wheels that make the M4 look a bit lower and more aggressive, you should know Hamman also offers lowering springs, which have been fitted here. They'll take an inch and 1.1 inches off the ride height at the front and rear, respectively.

Also fitted are new winglets at the rear of the car, just behind the wheels. These are painted pieces, just like the front lip. Hamman fits a new rear diffuser right next to it, finding a new area in which to place its logo. More importantly, Hamman has also fitted a more aggressive sport exhaust with badging on the tailpipes.

Hamman Hamman

Inside, changes are relatively minor. That's fine, as there isn't much in the M4's interior that needs doing. A new Hamman crest adorns the center console, and pedals are replaced with black anodized units with Hamman lettering. Sat just next to those are custom Hamman-branded floor mats, matching the rebadged steering wheel. Sadly, the tuner did not provide any imagery of the interior upgrades.

All of these parts can be ordered individually, from the exhaust to the front lip. We're not quite sure if the huge 21-inch wheels will help the M4's ride at all, but they certainly fit the look of the car. Whether that's a good one or not is up to you.

Hamman Hamman

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