BMW M4 Gets Bronze HRE Wheels and Baan Velgen Tuning

Customer gets a special personal touch for his black M4.

Using the brand-new, beautiful BMW M4 as their blank canvas, tuners from around the world are about to start going crazy with Bimmer's hottest new sports coupe. In one early example, this black M4, purchased in stock form with optional carbon ceramic brakes, has been given a set of matte bronze HRE wheels that create a striking contrast with its black paint job. This gorgeous set of shoes – HRE P104s – measures 9.5 x 20 inches in the front and 11 x 20 in the rear, and is surrounded be new Pirelli tires.

Next, the M4 Coupe was lowered to the ground, gaining an improved stance and better ride quality. Using a set of H&R lowering springs, the Baan Velgen team has further grounded this stunning M4. No details were provided as to performance upgrades, but the car will certainly stand out from a visual point of view.

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