BMW M4 GTS Caught Testing Hard at the Ring


At least we think that's what this is.

Now the mysterious BMW M4 we spied recently has been caught on video lapping the Nurburgring, we're not actually any closer to knowing whether this is, as we suspect, the lightweight GTS variant of the high-performance coupe. The "Safety Car" stickers are likely just a form of camo to throw us off the scent, but those new aero parts, including a pronounced chin spoiler and huge rear spoiler, and a distinct lack of rear seats are tell-tale signs we are looking at the BMW M4 GTS.

Where the M4 weighs in at 1,572 kg, the GTS will weigh less than 1,400 kg, and come with around 450 hp as well as a more track-focused chassis and stripped out interior. But is this it? Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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