BMW M4 GTS Vs. M4 GTS Is The Drag Race We've Been Dying To See


It also races and AMG GTS, M5 and a Corvette.

With just 700 units of the BMW’s ultimate track toy, the M4 GTS, destined for production, spotting one in the wild is as rare as a Mustang leaving Cars & Coffee in a straight line. Spotting two at the same drag strip having a go at each other is like winning the lottery. Not only does the M4 GTS race its doppelganger, it's also lined up with some other choice cars that we were curious to see it compared to. Some of the cars it goes heads-up against include a C7 Corvette, BMW M5 and a Mercedes-AMG GTS.

The races seem pretty tight if you ask us, although we’d prefer to see them happen with a proper start tree and some times at the end of the run so we can properly gauge the performance of all the cars. They’re still nailing it, though, well as best they can.

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You’d think the M4 GTS would have fared a little better considering all the hype around it, but it still holds its own pretty well. You can see the owner is new to this, as evidenced by a few dodgy starts and one run where it seemed to be stuck in gear. The AMG GTS race would have been interesting if both cars managed to get off the line properly, but if you’re inexperienced and trying out launch control there are better places to do it than at the start line in a race. Luckily there are tuning options for the M4 GTS if an owner is unhappy with the performance, so that conversion from G-Power we thought was mad actually makes sense now.