BMW M4 Is On a Diet Plan

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To maintain its high-performance edge, BMW engineers are intent on making the new M4 even lighter than its immediate predecessor.

Although it has yet to be revealed, the upcoming BMW M4 will reportedly be a lighter car than its immediate predecessor, the E92 M3 coupe. Despite being an all-around fantastic performance machine, the outgoing M3 coupe's main drawback was its hefty weight, something which BMW intends to reduce with the M4. Weighing a total of 3,704 lbs, the M3 coupe's 4.0-liter V8 won't be returning, and it's highly likely the new M4 (and the M3 sedan) will be powered by a twin-turbo straight-six.

But still, even dropping the V8 alone isn't enough to cut the poundage, and sources are claiming that BMW will apply heavy doses of carbon fiber and other advanced lightweight technologies to the M4. As expected, these light weight technologies are partially coming from the automaker's "i" program, consisting of the also upcoming i3 and i8. With some weight shaved off, expect the M4 to have a slightly more dynamic feel than the M3 Coupe, but BMW engineers are fully aware that they must maintain the M division heritage at all costs. Anything less would simply be unacceptable.

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