BMW M5 Owner Turns His Ride Into A 626-HP Cop Car

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Imagine being pulled over by the police driving this.

Among the collection of Bimmers in Florian Rehsnick's garage, one car stands out above the rest. Not because it's capable of speeds over 186 mph or of its maximum power output of 626 horsepower, but because the owner decided to turn his BMW M5 Competition into a replica police car.

Florian is a professional race car driver and an avid auto enthusiast. He enjoys driving his BMW M5 Competition in law enforcement livery around his hometown of Weimar in Germany. Complete with a blue light system attached to the car with suction cups, his M5 accurately mimics local police cars within legal limitations and is intended for use as a conversation piece at trades shows and tuning meets (or so Florian says).
rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram

Florian went through consultations with the police while transforming his BMW. His use of "Race Management" in place of "Police" and using non-reflective silver stripes to adorn his vehicle falls within the legal boundaries. He was also directed not to install the blue light system on his roof when driving on public roads.

With so much performance on tap, Florian keeps himself entertained driving this beast of a car and gets a kick out of seeing people frantically buckling up their seat belts and acting on their best behavior every time he drives by them.

rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram

With Florian being a very skilled driver in a more-than-capable car, we're pretty sure he gets away with many crazy things on public roads, too. Who would ever want to question a police car going fast on the highway?

Florian's BMW M5 Competition may not be a real police car. Still, it makes it more interesting while keeping the roads of Weimar safer by encouraging motorists and civilians to be at their best whenever this "Race Management" BMW is around.

rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram rennleitung_m5/Instagram

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