BMW M5 Ring Taxi Does its Job

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Don't know your way around town? Call a taxi. Don't know your way around the Nurburgring? Hire the Ring Taxi.

The Nurburgring is something every gearhead needs to experience. But if you don't have the skills and the intimate knowledge of the track's every dip, peak, turn and straight, you'll either wind up crashing or (worse) not really getting the full experience. That's where the Ring Taxi comes in. For years BMW in its permanent presence at the famous German road course has operated a shuttle service (of sorts) that lets visitors experience the Nordschleife flat-out with an experienced driver behind the wheel.

The previous E60-generation, ten-cylinder M5 did the job for years, but after the model was retired, the E90 eight-cylinder M3 took over. That was only to fill the gap until the new F10 twin-turbo eight-cylinder M5 came along. Now dressed for the part and deployed for duty, our man Marchettino caught the new M5 Ring Taxi spooling up its turbos and lapping the Green Hell, just as it was meant to.

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