BMW M6 Becomes G-Power M6 Hurricane RR

As soon as the German tuner, G-Power finished up the M5 Hurricane RR, it has come back with the M6 Hurricane RR. Although the two models feature an identically tuned powerplant, a twin-supercharged V10, the M6 Hurricane RR claims to be the world's fastest four-seat coupe. This is remarkably similar to how the M5 Hurricane RR was labeled the fastest sedan on the planet.

The acceleration numbers are quite impressive considering the fact that the M6 weighs in at just under 2,000 kg. Its 0 to 60 mph time is just 4.35 seconds! The model is fitted with 20-inch G-Power Silverstone Clubsport forged wheels, and the starting price stands at €252,100 (approximately $340,889). Needless to say, this car is worth a pretty penny.

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