BMW M6 GT3 Coming in 2016

Will replace the Z4 GT3 for the 2016 BMW Sports Trophy.

BMW's aging Z4 GT3 has been representing the company in motorsport events since 2010. Perhaps becoming aware of its age and prior to the Z4's end of production in 2017, the company has finally announced a replacement, the BMW M6 GT3, which is currently under development. The M6 GT3 will be available from the end of next year, allowing customers to participate in motorsports events like the 2016 BMW Sports Trophy. However, the company has not yet released any details on the spec, launch date or design of the car.

Here to help us imagine what this car could look like are a couple of renderings courtesy of BMW Car Magazine. Is it a worthy replacement for the outgoing Z4? Your opinions are always welcome.

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