BMW M7 Trademark Application Has Been Filed And We're Stoked

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Think the M760i is a beast? Just wait.

It's the car BMW has personally told us wasn't necessary on more than one occasion. In fact, the head of BMW's M division told me to my face back in early 2017 that the 601-hp M760i was all that was needed for the ultimate 7 Series; an M7 would not happen. But that was then and today we're hearing something different. Bimmerfest claims it has uncovered a trademark application recently filed by BMW for the M7 nameplate. Assuming this is true, it could mean a couple of things. One, BMW will in fact build an M7.

Alternatively, BMW could simply be saving the M7 nameplate as sort of a 'just in case' type of thing. Our take? Well, put it like this: the M760i's twin-turbo V12 is capable of producing even greater outputs. For example, it also serves duty in the Rolls-Royce Wraith, where it's tuned to 625 hp. For the Dawn, it has 605 lb-ft of torque. The M760i has 590 lb-ft. Numbers don't lie. That said, the question is whether or not BMW even needs an M7, considering the confirmed and upcoming M8 Gran Coupe. We've reached out to BMW for comment so we'll update this space as soon as we receive an answer, but if we had to guess, we'd say BMW is really going for it this time.


We already know the M brand is being expanded and all of the components to make an M7 happen are already there; they just need to be bolted into place. Is there even a market for such a car? Probably, and we'd be willing to bet China plays a big part in BMW's decision making process. Remember, sedans are still very popular there, especially luxury ones. Also, the fact that there's currently a void in the M numerical lineup likely doesn't sit too well with some decision makers in Munich.


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