BMW M8 Competition Laps Silverstone Just 60 Secs Slower Than An F1 Car

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The M8 continues to impress.

If you were about to head to a road circuit and could choose any BMW to play with, what would you pick? Would it be an M4 CS? Would it be an M2 CS? Both are among BMW's greatest hits of at least the past ten years, but one car that is severely underrated is the M8 Competition. With 617 horsepower on tap, a clever rear-axle-biased all-wheel-drive system, and a brilliant automatic gearbox, it sounds like a great choice, but it's often overlooked because it's a GT car and weighs almost 4,300 pounds. Yet, as Joe Achilles displays in the video below, the M8 Comp is phenomenal in the bends.

Achilles is no pro racing driver, but when the opportunity came to play with the M8 at Silverstone, he gladly obliged. Despite his lack of professional expertise, Achilles set a time of 2:26.431 - just a minute slower than the average Formula One car. We've seen the M8 Comp prove itself at the Nurburgring and at Magny Course, but both times the car was in the hands of someone who knows the track the M8 was being tested on. Achilles has only been around Silverstone less than 15 times, yet managed to set the above time. This while he overcooks it a couple of times and initiates a couple of drifts. Clearly the M8 Comp is far more capable than it gets credit for if an amateur racer can drive it so quickly.

Joe Achilles Joe Achilles Joe Achilles

Interestingly, Achilles says that the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 racer that he shared the track with could not overtake him in the straights. In the video, we see him letting the GT3 racecar pass him while on his hot lap, thus indicating that the M8 could go even faster, even in the hands of an amateur. Furthermore, the only car that Achilles says was able to pass him with ease was the McLaren 720S. Clearly, the M8 is able to punch far above - or below, in this case - its weight class. Perhaps now the purists can finally start accepting that RWD is not everything.

Joe Achilles Joe Achilles Joe Achilles Joe Achilles

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