BMW M8 Rumors Surface with Possible Details

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Still no official word from BMW, but rampant speculation is kind of fun.

Yes, we know that we've been printing rumors about a possible BMW M8 for more than a year now. And no, this one hasn't been confirmed by BMW either. But the German magazine Autobild has now printed information from an anonymous source which not only says the car is coming, but actually gives some idea of what it will be. The car will apparently be based heavily on the i8, which includes all its wonderful weight-saving carbon fiber goodness.

Power will come from a twin-turbo V8, with the possibility of a hybrid system to deliver power to the front wheels. The carbon fiber will reportedly keep weight down to around 1,500lbs, which would be phenomenal if it's true. Then again, the low weight would be almost necessary, as the power figure quoted is only 591 horsepower. That's a very ten-years-ago kind of supercar horsepower number, as is the 205 mph anticipated top speed. That would be fine if we were talking about something relatively affordable, but all of that carbon fiber makes that unlikely. We'll just have to wait and see, assuming it actually happens.

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