BMW M9 Beautifully Rendered

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This is one independent designer's take on what a BMW M9 sports coupe could look like even though the automaker has no intention of building it. For now.

BMW has gradually expanded its lineup over the past few years, paying close attention to rolling out as many as SUVs as possible. While that's all fine and good when it comes to making bank, M performance division enthusiasts are always game to see more sports cars instead of M-badged SUVs. Perhaps that's why Radion Design created what he envisions a potential M9 performance coupe could look like. Its front-end design is distinctly BMW with the twin kidney grille complemented by LED headlights.

With its long hood and short rear deck, this potential M9 seems to be the ideal combination of GT and high-performance sports car. In other words, if something similar to this were to ever reach production, it would clearly have the likes of Ferrari in its crosshairs. The designer made no mention of what could be under the hood but you can use your imagination; a V12 would easily fit. Although the car's styling isn't for everybody, the designer's goal wasn't for it to have broad appeal. He just wanted to do something different from BMW's current styling language.

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