BMW Makes Fun Of Itself In Charming April Fool's Gag

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Self-deprecation can be healthy.

Sadly, it seems that the BMW M4's design was not the world's longest drawn-out April Fool's joke. Nevertheless, while Alfa Romeo put a fair amount of effort into making an April Fool's joke that poked fun at British people, BMW chose instead to poke fun at itself. Okay, BMW actually had two jokes running. The first one we covered was a clever play on words intended to highlight the manual transmission option on the aforementioned M4. But while some might suggest that this was a dig at rivals like Mercedes-AMG, which no longer offers a manual in the C63, BMW showed that it can recognize its own faults, or more specifically, those of its customers, in the below ad.
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BMW's second attempt starts out by presenting an eco-conscious mindset, highlighting how this plan of avoiding waste has been adopted by smartphone manufacturers and other tech giants to minimize their impact on the planet (although at least 50% of the true reasoning is to increase profits). BMW's post then continues by saying that the marque has decided to remove obsolete features from future models it produces.

The most obsolete feature of all to the typical BMW driver? According to "the interwebs", as BMW cheerfully puts it, that feature would be the turn signal. Countless memes, road rage incidents, and forum posts all bear witness to the fact that BMW drivers are generally inconsiderate when it comes to indicating which lane they're moving to next.

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Now we know that there will likely be someone behind a keyboard telling us in the comments section that BMW could have better used the money spent on the production of the April Fool's joke on tackling real environmental issues, but let's be real here. The money spent on the fake commercial is a drop in the ocean compared to what BMW really is spending on developing its range of "i" electric vehicles. After last year saw almost nobody even remember what an April Fool's joke is, we think that this is just the kind of self-aware comedic relief that the typically competitive industry needs.

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