BMW Makes Hilarious Commercial About Uncomfortable M4 GTS

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You don't buy an M4 GTS to drive around your mother-in-law.

BMW M cars used to be about owning a car that could tear up a race track, yet be tolerable on the ride home. Over the years M cars have become more powerful and technology heavy. Some people think that the M division has lost its way by offering cars that are more comfortable in a golf course parking lot than a race track. We're thinking of specific models like the M6 Convertible and X5/X6 M. Then, BMW released the M4 GTS and many of the enthusiast's complaints about the M division seemed to fade away a bit.

All 830 units of the GTS have been sold out for quite some time, but BMW is not done using it as a halo car to promote the other M cars. In this hilarious commercial, we see how impractical the M4 GTS would be doing something mundane like picking up one's mother-in-law.

The "mother-in-law" in the commercial has trouble getting out of the heavily bolstered race seat while wearing a skirt. She also bumps her head getting out in the driveway. Most of the M cars are actually extremely practical to use as daily drivers, but the M4 GTS was far too harsh for that. We like this commercial because BMW is admitting the GTS's shortcomings in a hilarious way, while showing that the M division is still dedicated to performance.

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