BMW May Add More Power To The M5 With A Competition Package

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All of the people who ordered the base car just cried a little.

The latest BMW M5 is hot off the automotive news press, and new models haven't even reached US dealers yet. The car already produces 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, but it seems like BMW isn't just going to stop there. Rumors have been circulating that BMW is working on a more powerful M5 and users on Bimmerpost may have just poured more fuel onto the rumor fire. The more powerful M5 is rumored to be a Competition Package that will add 25 hp to the standard 600 hp.

This confirmation was given by BMW's head of the BMW Driving Experience at their ice driving event in Sweden. In an interview with Motor1, Andy Cook, BMW's product executive for large cars, said "the Competition Package will bring tweaked dynamics, and likely standard ceramic brakes, which are a $10,000 option on the standard car."


The Competition Package was a huge improvement to the M3 and M4 that borrowed some nice upgrades from the M4 GTS. We are surprised that an M5 Competition is already being hinted so early in the F90's life cycle. Sorry to anyone who has already ordered the new M5: there may already be a better one on the way.


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