BMW Mocks Social Media Users Who Don't Like The iX

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Bold or silly?

Just days ago, BMW took the covers off the all-new iX, an X5-sized crossover with an electric powertrain. Like the majority of new BMW designs, the iX immediately began garnering plenty of negative feedback for its brash design, most notably the elongated grille that BMW is vehemently sticking with.

But rather than pretend that the iX isn't a controversial design, BMW has used the disgruntlement of social media users to create an entire campaign about the iX. Not everyone will be impressed, though, as BMW is pretty much dismissing anyone with something bad to say about the new SUV.

The first tweet posted by the automaker was from a user on Facebook who commented on the iX and said "this isn't BMW", to which BMW retorted with "so, you wanna bet on it?" The next tweet which went up on November 15 was even more controversial, with BMW calling out a supposed conservative "boomer" who said that the brand should "go back to making BMWs."

What is ironic about this tactic is that the brand actually poked fun at a group of people at an age - and therefore, more likely with the means - to afford a premium vehicle like the iX. It's a bold tactic by BMW and surely the brand runs the risk of alienating some fans even further, with someone even questioning whether Donald Trump had hacked the automaker's Twitter account.

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On the other hand, manufacturers are often criticized for a cookie-cutter approach to vehicle design. Sit inside a new BMW 3 Series, 4 Series, and even 5 Series, and you'll see what we mean. Bearing this in mind, BMW must be commended for pushing the envelope and coming up with vehicles like the iX that look nothing like anything else on the road.

The question is whether unattractive/bold is better than generic/inoffensive, and unfortunately for BMW and its iX, most people seem to be partial to the latter. More than this, BMW implying that its naysayers are somehow too old-fashioned and unimaginative to appreciate designs like the iX is a risky move. Time will tell whether the brand regrets its bold approach or not.

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