BMW Needs To Make Sure This Lego E30 M3 Becomes A Reality


Lego E30 M3 is best M3, right?

Depending on who you talk to the BMW E30 M3 is the last great car ever made. The boxy German icon has a cult following that has just been ratcheted up a notch with this, a Lego E30 M3 model. Amir Pasha, a mechanical engineering student, is behind the project which has been supported by BMW. The kit has been placed on the Lego Ideas site and if it gets 10,000 votes in support it will go onto an official review by the company. Recently we've seen a ton of awesome cars get the Lego treatment.

There was the Ferrari F40, a model of the Ford GT and even an insanely detailed BMW i8. All of the aforementioned lack one thing: They aren't E30 M3s. Seriously, though, Pasha's detailed creation deserves some love, so check it out here.

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