BMW Needs Your Help To Develop New In-Car Video Games

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The German automaker has launched a competition to find talented game developers that can create out-the-box in-car games.

BMW and AirConsole have launched a competition to discover hidden game developer talent that will be used to create in-car gaming experiences for future vehicles.

The duo will promote the competition at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, scheduled for March 20 - 24. Developers can submit unique concepts and ideas until June 8 through an official website for the competition.

The German automaker will choose four winners who will each receive €5,000 (approx. $5,300) to create a prototype. It doesn't end there, though. If the gaming prototype piques BMW's interest, AirConsole will find the development, and the game will be included on the cloud gaming platform.


"This competition is a great opportunity for game developers to work with AirConsole to create engaging gaming experiences specifically for vehicles. We want to offer our customers a first-class entertainment experience, and gaming is all about joy," said BMW's Stefan Butz.

BMW will also invite the winners to its Munich headquarters to preview the result.

While interesting, it is odd that BMW wants to introduce gaming into models like the i7 or 7 Series. Typically, buyers of Bavaria's large luxury sedans have an average age of 50, considerably higher than the average age of gamers, which is 35.

Then again, it could be an entertaining pastime if you're waiting in your car for prolonged periods.


In-car gaming has had its fair share of negative publicity in the USA. An investigation into Tesla's onboard video games showed that owners could entertain themselves while the vehicle was moving. Obviously, this is dangerous and caught the attention of the NHTSA.

Tesla says the function is only available to passengers, but a driver can also easily play games. We're guessing BMW will have more stringent safety measures in place. Hopefully, the system won't be made available while the vehicle is on the move.

According to AirConsole's Antti Makkonen, the owner's smartphone will control BMW's in-car games. "Using phones as controllers inside the car makes playing accessible and fun for everyone, especially when considering that not everybody will own a game controller, or that playing directly on the car touch screen makes your arms tire quite fast."


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