BMW Never Made An E39 M5 Wagon, So Someone Else Did


And it's currently for sale.

Ask an automotive enthusiast what the best sport sedan of all time was and many will answer that it was the E39 BMW M5. The E39 M5 was so good, that it is still used as a benchmark even today to compare new sport sedans like the Chevy SS. The only thing that would have made the E39 M5 even more drool-worthy to enthusiasts would have been a wagon variant. The older E34 M5 and the newer E61 M5 both came as wagons, but not in the US market. Luckily, enthusiasts have rectified BMW's mistake by building an M5 clone from an E39 540i Touring.

We are highly impressed with the work that was done here. The finished product looks like it came straight out of BMW's factory in the early 2000s.

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This wonderful creation is currently listed on Bring A Trailer with a current bid of $22,500 (with 2 days remaining as of this writing). The selling dealership, located in Evanston, Illinois, acquired the car from a previous BAT auction in 2015 and performed extensive work including valve cover gaskets, VANOS seals, brake rotors and pads, oil pan, gaskets and more. The car has 96,000 miles on it and comes with the 4.9-liter S62 V8 that came in the E39 M5. The car has plenty of other changes that transform it from a 540i into a true M5 replica. A custom rear bumper and valence were added in order to accommodate an M5-style quad-tipped exhaust. Unfortunately, this meant forgoing a spare tire.

Lack of a spare tire aside, this M5 wagon seems nearly perfect. The car rides on stock M5 wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The exterior trim has also been extensively modified to look just like an M5. On the inside, the transformation is just as extensive. The car has new seats, gauge cluster, shift knob, and working “M” button on the center console. The only function that reportedly does not work is the M5's adjusting redline light, which normally changes as the car warms up. All things considered, the current bid price definitely warrants such a unique car with such an impressive pedigree.