BMW No Longer Has The M5 Estate So Volvo Built It

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It has the power, looks, and tech to pull of an invasion of Germany.

Volvo has had a thing with the number 90 lately and, surprisingly, this isn't because 90 is the age of its average customer. It seems like Volvo is using the 90 moniker to designate which cars will compete with German luxury dominance. We saw the handsome XC90 win the North American Truck Of The Year award at the Detroit Auto Show while the incredibly sexy S90 was being revealed. Now at Geneva, Volvo is giving us the next piece in the 90s puzzle via the V90, the most luxurious station wagon in the long line of estate cars that have come before.

Unlike the less extravagant Vs, the V90 may finally be able to compete with the BMW 5 Series Estate and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate by wielding styling from the S90, a leather interior with high aesthetic and ergonomic value, enough technology to make an S-Class do a double take, an eight-speed transmission, AWD or two-wheel drive options, and an optional 404 horsepower plug-in hybrid. Despite the serious performance, all gas models come with the same 2.0-liter inline four that can be had naturally aspirated or with a turbocharger/supercharger combo while diesels will have two turbochargers. Prices may start in the mid to high $40k mark so keep your eyes peeled if you want the M5 wagon that BMW forgot to build.

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