BMW Offers 335i Power Kit

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M Performance Power Kit boosts the 335i sedan's output by an extra 20 horsepower.

BMW brought a pair of 3 Series models it previously only offered overseas to the New York Auto Show this year. But alongside the diesel-powered 328d and the hunchbacked 3 Series GT, the Bavarian automaker also announced a new M Performance Power Kit for the 335i. Available on both the rear-drive 335i and 335i xDrive four-doors, the optional package boosts output from 300 horsepower to 320 and from 300 lb-ft of torque to 317 on stick-shift models and 332 on automatics.


The 0-60 time is subsequently reduced by 0.2 seconds while emitting a raspier exhaust note. In addition to the ECU remap and new air intake that enable the performance boost, the also includes a new engine cover and rocker-panel decals. The M Performance Power Kit sells for $1,100 plus installation, includes a full four-year factory warranty and can be paired with a number of other packages to upgrade the car's suspension, aerodynamics, exhaust and appearance like those pictured here.

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