BMW Offers Fresh Lineup of Law Enforcement Vehicles

A fleet of specially-equipped Bimmers heads to the General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference.

In America, police officers love them some Fords and Chevys. Over in Europe, however, the constables on patrol prefer something more, well... European. Cue BMW and its new lineup of law-enforcement vehicles. Gearing up for September's General Police Equipment Exhibition and Conference (GPEC) in Leipzig, Germany, the German automaker has equipped five of its models with police and rescue capabilities.

The lineup includes the 7 Series High Security, the X5 Security, 3 Series Touring and, for the first time ever, emergency versions of the X3 and i3 concept. The X3 features iDrive-controlled warning lights and LEDs on the front-end along with sirens. The i3 concept previews options for electromobility in police operations and, they say, is perfect for patrolling neighborhoods and urban areas. BMW's fleet of law enforcement models were built to ensure the "highest level of quality, functionality, [and] durability, resulting in high value retention."

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