BMW Officially Releases 4 Series Concept


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, in all its glory: the BMW 4 Series Coupe. In concept form, anyway.

Yesterday we brought you the first photos of the new BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept, but hot on the heels of the leak, the Bavarian automaker has released the full monty. Set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month, the concept previews the new coupe version of the 3 Series, which has now been spun off as its own model line (just as rival Mercedes is integrating its coupes and convertibles back into its sedan and wagon families).

Aside from ditching the rear doors, the 4 Series concept has been given some fresh sheetmetal to differentiate it from the 3 just like the 6 Series is distinct from the 5 (and the 8 Series looked different from the 7). To go with the higher model designation, the 4 Series is longer, wider and squatter than the 3 Series coupe it replaces. BMW has remained silent on the engines to be slotted under the hood of the production version to follow, but we can expect the same 2.0-liter four and 3.0-liter six (both turbocharged) to carry over from the 3 Series.

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Along the path to production, we'd expect the 4 Series to lose some of the details featured on the concept, like the aggressive lower bumper that is likely to be toned down. Most of the production models to roll out of the factories that will likely produce it around the world will probably get a more subdued interior as well. The concept features a lavish brown cabin with woven leather trim and matte-finish wood done up by BMW Individual, the automaker's customization division. Check it out, inside and out, in the mega-gallery of images.