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BMW Open To Expanding Individual Color Options

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Could a BMW Individual M2 Competition be in the cards?

The BMW Individual program, much like Porsche's paint-to-sample option, allows buyers to select from a seemingly endless range of non-factory colors to create a one-of-a-kind car that is just for them. We have seen how colorful cars such as the M3 and M4 can be with a unique paint job, but sadly this option is not available on certain BMW models. The BMW X models cannot currently be configured with individual paint, nor can the 2 Series - although this could change if enough customers demand it.

At the M2 and M5 Competition media launch in Ascari, Spain, BMW Blog asked Carsten Pries, Head of Product Management for BMW M, about the possibility of adding individual paint on the M2. "The demand for BMW Individual customization has been constantly increasing and we see lots of customers opting for unique colors, especially on models like the M3 and M4," Pries said. "We have also received lots of requests on a BMW Individual program for the 2 Series models and its top offering, the M2 Coupe."

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If so many people are asking for an M2 with custom paint, why doesn't BMW offer it? Preis explained that the paint processes set up in the Leipzig and Spartanburg plants simply couldn't handle the strain of painting individual colors. "The Leipzig and Spartanburg plants have complex processes for the paint job, and currently, those plants are unable to deliver BMW Individual colors without new processes being put in place," Pries said. "We are, of course, always looking at ways to expand our BMW Individual catalog, and with our colleagues at the plants, we're going to further explore this topic, but for now, there is no timeline."

BMW did build one custom M2 with an Austin Yellow paint job. The car is owned by famous collector Michael Fux, and the price was reportedly over $100,000 (image credit: @todorov5). With the new M2 Competition on the way, we would love to see more colors from BMW's past such as Laguna Seca Blue and Daytona Violet. Hopefully, BMW listens to its customers and allows for more custom paint options.