BMW Plans EVs Ranging From i1 Up To iX7

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Including three "affordable" models.

We keep hearing that electric cars will eventually become more affordable, but with rising material and production costs we are actually witnessing existing models get more expensive. This trend hurts mainstream automakers like Ford and General Motors more than luxury automakers such as BMW, but the latter still recognizes that low cost EVs are key to grabbing a larger market share.

According to a Bimmer Post forum member, BMW is currently working on three entry-level EVs that will appear later this decade. The three upcoming EVs include an i1, iX1, and i2. These models are slated to enter production in November 2027, July 2027, and July 2028, respectively. It's worth noting that the iX1 is a next-generation model that will differ from the upcoming iX1 that's been teased recently and the gas-powered BMW X1 that will die off after the current generation.

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All three models are slated to be built in Germany, which means none will qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit in the United States. If BMW wants them to qualify, it will have to add production to its San Luis Potosi, Mexico plant. The i1 will carry the internal codename NB0, the iX1 will be called NB5 (which is different than the upcoming U11 model), and the i2 uses the NB8 designation. BMW will phase these models out of production at various points in 2035.

Not much is known about each individual model other than they will all ride on BMW's Neue Klasse EV platform. We imagine the i1 will be a hatchback, but the i2 could take the form of a Coupe, Gran Coupe, or Active Tourer. Unless BMW wants to throw us a curve ball, the iX1 will be a small crossover. The Neue Klasse platform should spawn FWD and AWD models, though it may also accommodate a RWD replacement for the 2 Series Coupe.


The forum post also mentions several other interesting EV models and when we can expect them to arrive. In the compact class, these include a next-generation iX3 (coming August 2024), the i3 Sedan and Touring (coming November 2026), i4 Coupe and Cabriolet (coming July 2028), and an iX4 (coming November 2026), which is rumored to completely replace the gas-powered X4.

Most of these models will be built in Germany, but the iX3 will be built in Spartanburg, South Carolina. According to the production notes, all of these electric i models (except for the iX4) should exist alongside their gas-powered counterparts.

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As for the top-end luxury model, BMW has several electric models coming in the later half of the decade. The iX5 will enter production in December 2026 and will later be joined by an iX6 in April 2028. A larger iX7 will join the lineup in August 2027, along with a mystery model called the iXM in December 2028. It's unclear if the iXM will be related to the upcoming XM plug-in hybrid, or if it will be an entirely new model. Finally, a new i7 will arrive in July 2029, and a new 8 Series will enter production in 2026, though no electric i8 is mentioned.

2023 BMW i7 Driving Front Angle BMW 2023 BMW i7 Side Perspective Driving BMW 2023 BMW i7 Dashboard BMW
2023 BMW i7 Driving Front Angle
2023 BMW i7 Side Perspective Driving
2023 BMW i7 Dashboard
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