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BMW Plotting M2 CS And M2 CSL As Limited Edition Models

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The M2 CS will reportedly only be sold in America.

The BMW M2 Competition only launched a few months ago as a replacement for the regular M2, but new rumors suggest there could be more hardcore versions of the performance coupe in the pipeline.

Citing sources inside the automaker's Munich factory, BMW Blog claims that BMW is preparing to unleash a limited-edition BMW M2 CS next year exclusively for the American market. Customer deliveries will reportedly start in early 2020, and the car will be even lighter than the M2 Competition.

Shedding some weight off the M2 Competition shouldn't be difficult as we saw with the M4 CS, and the S55 engine could be tuned to deliver more power and torque to improve the performance. After all, the M2 Competition is powered by the same engine as the M4 detuned to deliver 405 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, while the M4 has 425 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque.

This won't be the only limited-edition model, however. While the M2 CS will only be sold in the US, BMWBlog also reports that the long-rumored M2 CSL will launch worldwide a few months later. Like the M2 CS, it will be sold as a limited-edition model, with production only lasting one year until 2021.

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Like the E46 M3 CSL before it, the M2 CSL will be the most hardcore model in the range, with even less weight and more power than the M2 Competition. These rumors haven't been officially confirmed, but BMW has previously confirmed it will bring back the CSL badge on future models to replace the GTS, so there's hope.