BMW Ponders i5: Crossover or Sedan?


The BMW i5 is next on the i project list. But what form will it take?

The roaring success of the Tesla Model S has convinced BMW to pursue building a larger stablemate of the new i3. That's according to British publication What Car? who says that a senior BMW source revealed the carmaker is currently deciding whether the i5 should be a crossover or conventional sedan. No "absolute decision" has been made about the car, but many see its potential and it's arrival is more a matter of when, than if. Once green lit, the decision will have to be made as to the car's powertrain.


A plug-in hybrid is arguably the best solution as per the i8, but a fully electric model like the i3 has not been ruled out. Whether it's a crossover or saloon, full-electric or hybrid, what is guaranteed is that the new car will hold true to BMW i brand core values and be rear-wheel drive and swathed in carbon fiber and CRFP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic).

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