BMW Q2 Report: Sedan Sales Tumble As SUVs Flourish

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The X3 and X5 continue to find the most homes in America.

As automakers continue grappling with crippling supply constraints, recently reported sales figures make for grim reading. Hyundai is having another great year but its June sales are almost 13% down compared to the same month last year. In Q2, Audi sales dipped by 30% compared to last year. In fact, the vast majority of automakers have seen a decline in both June sales and the first six months of the year. BMW, which retained its luxury sales crown last year, was not exempt from this trend. The German automaker has just released its second-quarter sales results and it sold 78,905 vehicles in this period, a drop of 18.3% compared to the same period last year. There were still some encouraging signs for the brand, though - it outsold Audi by over 30,000 cars. Chief rival Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, has yet to supply Q2 sales figures.

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As usual, BMW's SUVs remain hugely popular. Despite industry challenges, BMW's SUVs saw their sales jump by 4.6% in the second quarter. In this period, the company sold 19,049 units of the X5 (up by 15.1%) and 7,706 X7 models (+18.3%). Interestingly, the X5 outsold the smaller X3, which moved 18,710 units (-12.1%). Bolstering BMW's SUV charge is the new iX electric SUV which found 1,081 homes in Q2. Despite the iX being a fairly new arrival, it has already been on the receiving end of several updates, as has most of BMW's 2023 lineup. BMW's smallest SUVs have been much less successful in Q2. X1 sales declined by 72.1% - perhaps no surprise since an all-new X1 has been revealed - and X2 sales were down by 64%.

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The 3 Series sedan moved 6,174 units in Q2, down 57% compared to Q2 2021, but the facelifted 3 Series should see an improvement in the months ahead. By comparison, Audi sold only 3,430 A4 models in Q2. Elsewhere, the 4 Series moved 6,646 units (-14.2%), the 5 Series was on 4,166 (-42.7%), and the 2 Series saw a smaller drop at 3,581 units (-11.2%). Interestingly, BMW still sold a single i8 despite the sports car being discontinued.

"We are pleased that demand remains strong, however this quarter was not without its challenges, as our sales were constricted only by the limitations of available inventory," said Sebastian Mackensen, President and CEO, BMW of North America.

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2022-2023 BMW iX Dashboard
2022-2023 BMW iX Driving Front Angle
2022-2023 BMW iX Rear Perspective Driving
2019-2023 BMW X5 View Out Back
2019-2023 BMW X5 Forward View

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