BMW Really Should Build An 8 Series Shooting Brake

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It would be the perfect way to elevate the brand and show that the design team hasn't lost its marbles.

The 2023 BMW 8 Series was recently revealed with some minor but effective styling upgrades and tech updates, but with a lukewarm reception from the market, one can't help but wonder if the most beautiful BMW of current times deserves better. Back in 2018, a digital rendering artist attempted to turn the 8 into a shooting brake, and although the virtual end product looked a little clumsy, the overall effect was pretty attractive. To really ram home how much of a good idea an 8 Series Shooting Brake is, allow us to present you with a new interpretation, this time from a visual artist who calls himself Sugarchow.

sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram

A long hood, two doors, a sloping roofline, and an almost upright rear end look spectacular here, and the panoramic windscreen is also a nice luxury design touch. The same artist had already imagined the M4 as a new kind of Clown Shoe, calling to mind the original Z3 coupe. But we think that this treatment makes even more sense in the larger 8 Series. This is a range-topper and an elegant grand tourer that is astonishingly capable, even without the full-fat M experience. Thus, we think it has the looks, power, and position in the model range to make a success of itself as a shooting brake, but there's a caveat to this assumed success.

sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram

For a start, BMW has a bad habit of releasing endless special editions of various cars, and the 8 Series has been getting most of the abuse. In almost all cases, these special editions have done little more than worn special paint, gained new leather, or been shod with new wheels. Unfortunately, that's as far as BMW's willingness to make the 8 special seems to go, and this is unlikely to change.

To make the 8 Series SB a success, we'd limit production, perhaps to as few as 1,500 vehicles worldwide. Sure, it'd be expensive to build and pricy to own, but it would be exclusive, beautiful, powerful, and almost totally unique.

Come on, BMW. Either give us a proper M1 supercar or start showing the world that beautiful Bimmers are still on the agenda. Your fans are waiting.

sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram sugardesign_1/Instagram

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