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BMW Reclaims Luxury Sales Crown From Mercedes; Both Post Record US Sales In 2014


Carmaker shifted a phenomenal 339,738 vehicles.

German’s big three (luxury car brands) all enjoyed record sales in the US last year, but it was BMW that took the crown for the most sales from Mercedes-Benz, shifting a phenomenal 339,738 vehicles, a 9.8 percent increase on the record 309,280 sold in 2013. It’s bread-and-butter 3 Series/4 Series was the most popular model, with 142,232 units sold. In second place, Mercedes enjoyed a 5.7 percent increase over the 312,534 units sold in 2013 with figures of 330,391 for 2014.

The C-Class was the best-selling Silver Star, with 75,065 units finding buyers. Way back in fourth, Audi sold 182,011 vehicles, an impressive 15.2 percent rise over 2013. The Q5 was its most popular model, with 42,420 unit sales being made. Making up the top five, Lexus finished third with 311,389 cars sold, enjoying the biggest gain amongst the top three with sales rising 13.7 percent. Cadillac was down 6.5 percent to 170,750, ending the year in fifth. Other luxury brands included: Acura whose sales rose 1.5 percent to 167,843 units; Infiniti with an 0.8 percent rise to 117,300 units; and Lincoln, who enjoyed a 16 percent bump to 94,474 units.

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