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2019 BMW Z4 Arrives In sDrive30i Trim With 255 HP

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BMW has also revealed the final output of the range-topping M40i trim.

Last month, BMW finally showed off its long-anticipated Z4 roadster in M40i trim at Pebble Beach. However, the exact details of the power output were held back. Today we've learned that the top-trim Z4 M40i produces 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from its 3.0-liter turbocharged B58 inline-six, which is sent to the road via an eight-speed automatic.

BMW has also introduced a base sDrive30i trim, which is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged B46 four-cylinder producing 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque also going out through an eight-speed automatic.

The sDrive30i can hit 60 mph in 5.2 seconds while the M40i takes just 4.4 seconds. Both engines offer substantial power gains over the last generation Z4: 15 hp and in the four-cylinder and 47 hp in the six-cylinder. Unfortunately, no M variant is planned, but we aren't sure why one would even be necessary. As it sits, the Z4 M40i is already faster than the non-Competition M2 around the Nurburgring.

Though it may anger some enthusiasts, the only transmission option for both engines is an eight-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission. If it's any consolation to those hoping for a manual, the eight-speed does feature paddle shifters and launch control - although we know that doesn't make you feel any better. BMW also says the M40i will have specific shift characteristics to match the power delivery of the straight-six engine.

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Underneath, the Z4 sports a newly designed double-joint spring strut suspension at the front and a new five-link suspension in the rear. This new design is said to aid steering precision and create a rigid structure through the use of lightweight aluminum. A host of performance options including Adaptive M Sport suspension, M Sport brakes and M Sport differential will be standard on the M40i and optional on the sDrive30i. Like most new BMW models, drivers will be able to change the car's personality with Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ modes.

Though this is a sports car built for driving pleasure, it will also include a host of luxury options including active cruise control, parking assist, and a head-up display. Standard safety options include forward collision warning and lane departure warning, while speed limit info and active blind spot detection are optional extras.

On the interior, the Z4 features BMW's latest iDrive 7.0 paired with a high-resolution digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster. This latest version of iDrive is equipped with a number of layout improvements including a touchscreen interface. It can also be updated via the cloud, so you won't have to take it to the dealer for updates.

One of the biggest changes from the previous Z4 is the switch from a folding metal roof to a soft top. BMW says the trunk capacity stays the same at 9.9 cubic feet (an increase of more than 50% compared to the last Z4) with the top raised or lowered, something that is increasingly rare on convertibles. We are extremely happy with the switch to a fabric roof, and can't wait to get behind the wheel of one.

Sadly, BMW still hasn't announced any information on pricing but says the Z4 sDrive30i will be available starting March of 2019 with the M40i to follow.