BMW Removes Important Safety Feature From Many Models

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No prizes for guessing why.

We're not going to pretend to drag this out - BMW has fallen victim to the semiconductor chip shortage. In May, the German automaker wasn't worried about the shortage, and the next month had begun work to bring the crisis to an end. But as with so many other manufacturers, the crisis has finally arrived on BMW's doorstep, with the result being that a key feature must now be removed from certain models. According to Germany's BimmerToday, a number of vehicles are now losing access to the popular head-up display, a safety feature that BMW has consistently offered for years now.

2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving BMW
2020-2022 BMW M8 Gran Coupe - 2 Head Up Display CarBuzz
2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front View Driving BMW

According to the report, the Innovation package for the BMW 3 Series has been revised depending on what trim it is going on. The package typically includes the head-up display, laser light, selective beam, driving assistant, and convenience access. The package is now only available for the M340i, M340d, and 330e models, with lesser models losing out, but even on these top trims, the head-up display is no longer available.

Naturally, that means that the Innovation package gets cheaper, dropping from €3,650 to €2,500 ($4,200 to $2,900). Unfortunately, it's not just the G20 3 Series that is affected, with various SUVs and coupes also losing out.

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These other models include the 4 Series in Coupe, Cabrio, and Gran Coupe guises, the X3 and X4 SUVs, the Z4 Roadster, the 1 Series hatch, and the 2 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe. However, more premium offerings like the BMW 5 Series retain the head-up display as an option, regardless of what engine or trim the feature is to be added to. This information was obtained through a German price list, so the exact cause has not been stated, but it's quite clear that BMW is running out of parts and is choosing to save them for the upper echelons of its product offering. It is still unclear if these shortages will affect all US buyers.

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Source Credits: BimmerToday

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2020-2022 BMW M8 Gran Coupe - 2 Head Up Display
2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving
2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front View Driving
Front Angle View
Rear Angle View

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