BMW Reveals Self-Driving 5 Series: And It Won't Be A Prototype For Long

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The Ultimate (Self-) Driving Machine?

Just days before the 2017 Detroit Auto Show opens its doors, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas where BMW has revealed a self-driving 5 Series. For now, it remains a prototype, but based on everything else we've been experiencing in this fast-paced industry, it won't be for long. The sedan itself, based on the recently revealed all-new 5 Series, is actually quite impressive. The car can drive fully autonomously on the highway and can also park itself.

Oddly, BMW didn't divulge full details as to how its autonomous tech works, only that the tech uses data from both on-board sensors and various other systems, which is then combined with a digital map for the lane-keep assist. BMW did make it clear that the driver can take his or her hands off the wheel while the car is in fully autonomous mode. And with that newfound free time, drivers can indulge themselves with BMW's Open Mobility Cloud that allows users to find out information regarding their current surrounds. In other words, this system operates entirely by itself without any driver supervision.

The car's automated parking system is also pretty cool because after dropping the passenger(s) off, the car will go and find a parking spot on its own. The driver will then be notified where the car is by using BMW's 3D View tech. Basically, this prototype 5 Series may look like a car inside and out, but it's really more like a computer that's capable of doing nearly everything itself.

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