BMW Reveals Ultimate Driving Experience For 2021

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With more places to thrash a car on track.

BMW cars are all about the driving experience. Sure, the company offers premium luxury models and some eco-friendly options, but the German brand is better known for building excellent driver's cars that thrill the senses and get the blood pumping.

As the company welcomes new performance models like the highly-anticipated BMW X3 M and X4 M, more good news follows: BMW USA is expanding its annual Ultimate Driving Experience to more cities for 2021. The experience promises BMW fans a "full brand immersion experience" and includes behind-the-wheel driving experiences with professional instructors, vehicle displays to peruse, and more.

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This year's Ultimate Driving Experience series has now expanded to 22 stops across the US and features an impressive range of fun and exciting events, including the first-ever look at the all-electric BMW i4, BMW iX, and the next-generation eDrive powertrains that propel these futuristic machines.

Visitors can expect to experience an autocross event run by professional instructors. The autocross events aim to highlight the dynamic capabilities and innovative safety tech behind some of BMW's vehicles. The street course event will allow visitors to go on test drivers on public roads and offers the opportunity to test the all-electric Mini Cooper SE at selected stops.

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The PHEV Experience will give visitors the chance to explore BMW's new plug-in hybrid range as well. Visitors can also expect to see a ton of static display cars, including performance models such as the new BMW M4, M5 CS, and M3. Possibly the most exciting element of all is the M Car Control Clinic which puts visitors behind the wheel of high-performance M vehicles on a controlled track.

The next major stop on the 2021 calendar will be in Philadelphia from June 17 to June 20 at Citizens Bank Park, with further stops taking place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Houston, and New York City.

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