BMW's 2012 London Olympics Fleet Taking Shape

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BMW is using plenty of EVs and diesel-powered cars for their Olympic fleet.

Across the pond, the blokes in jolly ol' England are preparing for the 2012 Olympic Games and BMW is providing the official fleet of vehicles for the event. The German automaker will supply roughly 4,000 vehicles to support the Games, consisting of electric vehicles, SUVs and standard cars, along with bicycles and motorcycles. BMW claims that 80 percent of their green-focused fleet meets the European Union's strict EU6 emission standards two years before they go into effect.


The fleet of 4,000 breaks down as follows: 200 EVs, consisting of 160 1-Series ActiveE coupes and another 40 MINI E hatches. There are also 2,477 diesel-powered cars and SUVs, predominately consisting of the Euro market-only 320d sedans and 520d sedans. They number 1,550 units and 700 units, respectively. 17 X3 xDrive 20d crossovers and 10 X5 xDrive 30d models will also be available. 20 5-Series Active Hybrid cars, 25 R1200 RT motorcycles and 400 BMW Streetcruiser bikes complete BMW's Olympic fleet.

BMW's fleet for the 2012 Olympic Games will be used for everything from shuttling athletes to and from events to hauling and moving equipment to assisting in the customary torch relay. BMW has released quite a few photos of their special-liveried models 'in action.'

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