BMW's Family Car Continues To Take Down The Rest Of Its Family


Watch an M3 get owned by a "big, boxy SUV."

When BMW first presented the X5 in the late 90s, brand enthusiasts and haters united to call the company out. Was it selling out on all that it represented just to get in on the money-making soccer mom market? While that may have been true, the company has continuously improved on the original model, and once the X5 M came into play, at least those mommies and daddies got a very fast toy to play with. Drag racing videos continue to show the largest BMW (thus far) taking down the light, nimble and powerful cars that used to represent the brand.

After showing you the X5 M destroying a 1M a couple of months ago, here is another rolling race between the same SUV and the epic E90 M3:

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