BMW’s Fantastic Zagato Coupe Concept Debuts at Villa d’Este


BMW is going Italian at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

BMW arrived at the 2012 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este with a new coupe concept that is quite stunning and absolutely marvelous in every sense of the word. For the new concept, BMW partnered up with famed Italian design house Zagato to create the BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe Concept. Zagato might be best known for their work with Aston Martin, however with the Germans their design did not disappoint.

The hand-built BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe Concept boasts a "vmax concept" design, meaning that it sports a very aerodynamic shape while maintaining its street-legal status. It takes classic design cues in the form of a long hood and roof line combined with a short rear end. The body is built from hand-crafted aluminum. Finished in an intricate black-based red finish, the Rosso Vivace has never looked this good or deep before. It rides on a set of 19-inch five-spoke wheels. In terms of motivation, all BMW mentioned was that the BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe Concept runs on a "high-performance engine."

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Of the new concept, Zagato's head designer Norihiko Harada said that "For me, the BMW Zagato Coupe holds a very special magic. It exudes a certain spontaneity which, when combined with the type of unconventional solutions typical of Zagato, lend the car a very individual elegance."