BMW's 'i' Range Will Stay Limited to 3 and 8

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At least until it decides additional models can be sold.

Although they've trademarked the range all the way up to i9, BMW says it will limit the EV line to the current i3 and i8. With €2 billion spent on the development of these two green electrics, rumors of additional EV's in the 'i' family ranged from a crossover to a smaller city car, offering an environmentally-conscious outlet for even more BMW fans. But BMW, already struggling to meet orders for both models, says it will weigh demand for further models before expanding the lineup.

The i3 - an ugly, bulldog-ish large hatchback, is powered by a rear-mounted, 168 horsepower electric motor, providing 0-62 mph acceleration in 8 seconds. It has an MSRP of approximately $41,000. On the other end of the design, performance and pricing spectrum, the i8 starts at $135,000 for its hybrid-electric system, with the two engines producing a total of 362 hp, capable of making the 0-62 run in just 4.4. With such a gap in the family and plenty of demand, it seems like BMW might just be waiting for that perfect moment for another 'surprise' unveiling.

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