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BMW's iNext Plans Suddenly Became Way More Interesting

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It will be the carmaker's new flagship, after all.

The 7 Series has long been BMW's flagship model, but that's about to change. The rise of crossovers is the reason and, well, money talks. But wouldn't you think the all-new X7 would take the job away from the 7 Series? That'd be a fair assumption, only it's not happening. Instead, that job will be given to the upcoming iNext all-electric crossover. Size is not the only thing that matters; advanced technologies do, too.

According to a new report from Automobile Magazine, the iNext, which will supposedly be renamed i6 in production form, will come in three unique flavors. But first, why i6? Why not iX6? The simple reason is that this is an all-new vehicle from the ground up, not an electrified version of an existing model, such as the upcoming iX3, the all-electric variant of the X3. As for the different version, the base model will reportedly come with a 63-kWh battery pack, a total of 335 horsepower, and a maximum range of 285 miles.

For reference, the top-of-the-line Tesla Model X Long Range can last up to 325 miles per charge. This variant will also be the lightest of the three weighing less than 5,300 pounds. A 0-62 mph time of 4.5 seconds is expected. The mid-range model will offer a 92 kWh battery, 429 hp, and 0-62 mph sprint of 3.5 seconds. Range is estimated to increase to 350 miles.

And then there's the top tier i6. It will sport not one but two electric motors, one located at each axle. The front axle motor will provide 200 hp while the rear will have 335 hp for a grand total of over 500 ponies. Chances are it will have a 103-kWh battery pack and will hit 62 mph in less than three seconds. Total range is said to be about 350 miles, which is still less than the best Model X.

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It's still too early to have exact pricing, but the market indicates a starting figure of around $70,000 is about right and will likely exceed $100,000 for the fully-loaded version. The i6 is also likely to offer various new autonomous driving features to further entice prospective buyers.

Again, none of this information is official but given that the i6 will debut sometime in 2021, more precise details aren't too far off.