BMW's Latest Emergency Vehicles

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Bavaria's automaker coming to the RETTmobil show in Fulda with a range of vehicles set up for medical, fire and law enforcement personnel.

Emergency vehicles (be they for medical, fire or law enforcement) are vital not only to the personnel that use them, but also to the automakers that produce them. And to that end, BMW is showcasing its latest range of medical vehicles at the RETTmobil show in Fulda, Germany. Among those converted crossover vehicles which BMW is highlighting this year are an X6 M50d outfitted as a medical car for the racetrack, an X3 outfitted as a fire chief's command vehicle and an X1 set up as a first responder vehicle.

BMW will also be showing how its X3 crossover, 3 Series Touring wagon and F 800 GT motorcycle can be used by emergency services. Among the benefits the Bavarian automaker brings to emergency personnel are the same features you'd find in many new BMWs, including EfficientDynamics powertrains, ConnectedDrive and Real Time Traffic Information systems, and the night vision system that can help first responders get to the scene of an emergency. But BMW engineers have also developed a new loading floor specifically for emergency vehicles that has been crash-tested to help avoid further casualties.

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